Welcome to the first stage of the IMBEJU Accelerator Application process.The application will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

Before Application

Kindly make sure to allocate enough time and to be in an appropriate environment to enable completion of the forms. Make sure to fill all questions marked as mandatory (* ), and please note that the application will only be saved once it has been finalised and submitted. You will NOT be able to save it or complete later, it must be completed in one sitting.

During Application

The application has four sections: Applicant Section, Founders Section, Company Section and Strategic Plans Section .Please complete all sections for Eligible application, and where available: Have the following PDF attachments ready so as to complete the application in as short a time as possible: NIDA Identification, Company Registration Certificate, TIN Certificate. These documents are not mandatory at this stage. After Completing all Section an Overview will give you a Summary of Your Completed Application.

We wish you all the best and look forward to receiving your application.


A.PILOT STAGE (Market Entry Stage)
  • - Goal is to conduct Pilot for 6 months
  • - Startup has a fully working Minimum Viable Product (MVP) ICT Solution
  • - Startup is entering the market to acquire initial customers (pilot customers) in order to prepare the startup’s innovation/solution to scale to more customers.
  • - This funding category is geared to finance the startup’s necessary market entry required resources.
  • - Duration of this fund is a maximum of 6 months.
  • - Goal is to scale your solution to thousands of customers outside your current radius
  • - The startup must have generated Revenue of at least 30% of the requested funding size
  • - The startup must submit Audited Financial Statements
  • - The startup must have at least 5 full-time team members